tirsdag, januar 10, 2012

Goodbye 2011, welcome 2012!

Finally a quick report from the land of big dreams, free wishes and high hopes! It has been more than a week since New Year and everyday life is really kicking in over here. That´s OK though - it will just take some adjusting of the habits and schedules that were established with no resistance during the holidays... I have only just started experimenting with my new camera - so far the results first and foremost illustrates my lack of consentration and stamina. I am too eager to get photos for the blog to be fumbling with the camera, reading the very detailed (and probably excellent) manual etc... So here we go - the final remnants of Christmas literally wiped out leaving me ready to dive into the new year with all its possibilities and adventures waiting :o)

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Supernøtt sa...

Godt nøtt år! :-D