fredag, mars 08, 2013

Fairly fair

Another crochet project using scraps from the stash... I don´t know how many scrap projects I have started, just to end up bying more yarn to be able to finish it off at an appropriate size. I guess it is no point guaranteeing this will NOT happen this time, but it is still my intention. So this will be a blanket, size "as big as it gets using all my white, off-white and pale beige scraps"...

I decided to put my inner yarn snob to rest for a while, as my stash contains little scraps of acrylics as well as the finest angora wool. If I am ever to "get rid of" the undesireable acrylics, it will have to happen now. As the photo shows I even have some really old wool as. The logo below just screams early eighties - genuine vintage yarn, no less ;o)

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