lørdag, mars 30, 2013

Padding tutorial

Here it is, my tutorial for a customized circular padding:
1. I bought a kitchen chair padding at 50 % discount and decided the thickness and firmness of the foam rubber padding would be perfect for making a precisely shaped and stady seat padding for my piano stool. The cover was crocheted during Christmas and had been waiting for a proper filling ever since...

2. I used the crochet cover as a template to mark the size of the actual padding (inner circle) and seam allowance (outer circle). I used a pointed and very sharp pair of scissors (not the blunt pair shown in the top photo...) to cut the fabric following the outer circle marking.

3. Then I marked the foam rubber padding, making the circle as even as possible

4. Using a very sharp little knife I cut the foam rubber following the marking, and then cut another cm within the edge to make sure the padding got the right size and leaving the top fabric a cm bigger (seam allowance)

5. I then cut the bottom layer of fabric allowing ca 5 cm of fabric all the way around as seen in the photo below.

6. Folding in the bottom layer of fabric, securing it  by folding the top layers seam allowance and pinning the layers of fabric to the foam rubber - distributing the pins evenly...
7. ...adding quite a few more pins to make sure the top layer is as neatly shaped as possible, and also making sure it stays in place while stitching as shown in the photo below
 8. keep stitching all the way around the padding, and VOILA!

 "...both sides now..."
...the piano stool padding at work here...

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