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Reversible Loop pattern


I am grateful for all feedback, and please do not hesitate to let me know if you find any errors, misspellings etc in this pattern so that I can correct it.

YARN: 2 balls (50 g each) Hexa 911 Sand, 1 ball Hexa 924 Petrol variegated
Hexa is manufactured by Du store alpakka in a variety of beautiful colours. It is a cable spun 100 % alpaca; soft, warm and light. Each ball = ca 100 m - make sure you get the same meterage if you want to use a different yarn. The Loop is knit back and forth on a circular needle (my preferance) in a stripe pattern. The stripes changes between stockinette stitch (contrast colour) and a textured pattern (main colour). Note: there is no edge st in this pattern; follow the instructions to make a neat edge. DO NOT BREAK YARN as you work; the picot edge serves as an alternative to carry the strands along.

YOU WILL NEED: 1 circular needle 7 mm (I prefer knitting back and forth on circulars, but long DPs can of course be used).  1 extra circular needle 7 mm for the making up. 1 Crochet hook 4,5-5 mm. Blunt tapestry needle for  the kitchener sts/grafting. Approx. 2 m of chunky "easy to rip" scrap yarn for the provisional cast on (link to tutorial further down).

TENSION/GAUGE: 16,5 sts stockinette st = 10 cm

Full length: approx. 123 cm
Width  incl. picot edging: approx. 22 cm

Using the scrap yarn, do the Provisional chain cast on shown here . Make 34 sts. Then start knitting with your main colour as follows:
1. row: knit all sts
2. row: Purl 1 *knit 2, purl 2*, repeat from *-* until last st. Purl last st.
3. row: Knit 1 *purl 2, knit 2 *,  repeat from *-* until last st. Knit last st.
4. row: Purl 1 *purl 2, knit 2 *, repeat from *-* until last st. Purl last st.
5. row: Knit 1 *knit 2, purl 2*, repeat from *-* until last st. Knit last st.
6. row: as 2nd row
7. row: as 3rd row
8. row: as 4th row

Crochet two picots along right side edge as shown here (scroll down). Change to contrast colour. Keep on knitting stockinette stitch as follows:
9. row: knit all sts
10. row: purl all sts
11. row: like 9. row
12. row: like 10. row
Crochet one picot along right side edge before changing back to main colour

Repeat these 12 rows until piece measures approx. 120 cm (or until you run out of yarn...). Make sure to make the last stripe a stockinette/contrast colour stripe; rows 9.-12.). DO NOT BIND OFF; keep the sts on the needøe for grafting. avslutt med en stripe i kontrastfargen (p. 9-12). NOTE: the finishing loop from the last picot must be placed on the knitting needle. You can see the completed piece below; provisional cast on in one end and knitting needle in the other.

Remove provisional cast on as you transfer all sts to extra circular needle 7 mm.
The photo below shows the finished Loop, and as you can see, the "scarf" piece has been twisted a half turn before grafting, which makes the Loop a Moebius circle. This way the Loop can be worn showing the right (or reverse, if you prefer) side on both turns around the neck. For wearing it arrange the Loop into a figure 8 before you pull it over your head to get it right :o)

Use a blunt tapestry needle and sew the two ends together. Tutorial for grafting/kitchener stitch can be found here. NOTE: the tapestry needle must be pulled through both the main-colour picot-loop "stitch" AND the first contrast coloured stitch, as if these two were one single stitch. Weave in all ends as invisible as you can, to ensure a true reversible Loop - and you are good to go!

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