mandag, juli 07, 2014

Shopping in Copenhagen - yes, I love it!

On my way to Jægerborgs gade yesterday I realised this is flee market/street market day in Nørrebro... But hey! I was on a mission to get a bowl of the epic porridge (have a look at yesterday's post) so I kept to my plan and did all my vintage/flea shopping at one single stand. I even broke my "no clothes shopping for a year" pledge here! This is what I got for 250,- DKR: a beautiful porcelain bowl (for classy porridge serving ;o) )

...a slip dress, a Noa Noa handbag, a vintage pin cushion with vintage hat pins hat pin has a miniature embroidery!

...a cerise skirt, a green cardie and a multi coloured handbag (quite worn but still fun and charming)

...a brand new pink leather clutch (from Bungalow), a beautiful Indian mirror belt

...a small and very versatile leather purse

And then, at "Lady's fingers" in Jægersborgs gade; this very precious and beautiful silver heart pendant handmade by jeweller Mette Juhl

A true bargain to finish off this materialistic post: Fly of London shoes at a 50 % discount!

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