lørdag, juli 05, 2014

Ekte kjærlighet // true love

Kopenhagen is a true weekend favourite! I am not going to let dear Trondheim down, but all my photos from that trip still need sorting. Here and now I just have to share some happy glimpses from the capital of Denmark. The bright yellow poster reads "Pure love for Copenhagen" and sits on every trash bin all over the city. What a brilliant way to encourage people to keep it tidy! I love it!
My lunch today was porridge at "Grød" ("Porridge") in Nørrebro. If you are in town, don´t miss this particular street ("Jægerborgs gade") - a 150 m stretch of independent little shops, like jewellers, pottery makers, chocolateries etc... + a variety of restaurants and cofee shops, AND a villagy feel. Love it! And the porridge? Love it!


Entering Jægerborgs gade. Love it!

Palads Kino ("Palace Cinema") in Vesterbro, close to the central train station. Who needs to go inside to escape from the trivialities of life? Love it! 

Bicycling is big in Cph - beware the designated lanes! Love it! The photo was taken mainly because the cool milk commercial, also in Vesterbro; "1/2 a litre of milk - every day, all your life". Love it!

The Hotel Astoria (Central train station to the left). Love it!

...more to come; I am not one for killing my sweethearts this time. I will let them all have their deserved attention around here. The attention from my keen eye and my iPhone, that is ;o)

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