fredag, mars 05, 2010

A Big Deal

We are a number of local knitters/crocheters/embroiderers with mixed feelings right now. Our beloved and longest existing LYS is closing down. I have happy memories dating back to my early childhood from this store. I used to come here with my skilled mum when she needed supplies for her many projekts. As grown ups we have both kept the habit of doing most of our yarn shopping here, but never together as far as I can recall. Yesterday I dropped by to check out the closing-down-sale. The shelves were partly bare, but still there were excellent deals to be done! After paying for my 13 balls (650 g: 2,6 km of yarn!!!) of Silk Tweed, 15 balls of fingering Alpaca (750 g: 2,7 km of yarn...), a few sets of circulars in odd sizes + a heap of pretty dyed mother of pearl buttons, I turned to the door for the very last time, and who do I spot in the line behind me? Mum!!! The circle has been closed. We (and hundreds and hundreds of fellow knitters) always love a yarn bargain, but we agree that this one has as much bitterness as sweetness to it. Thank you for all the years of excellent service, room for pondering, squeezing, smelling and endless possibilities for purchasing high quality yarn, Garn & Vevstuen! PS - I just HAVE to go back during my lunchbreak today for one last, LAST time; I feel like I haven´t said my proper goodbyes yet!

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Supernøtt sa...

Jeg fikk ikke dratt på opphørssalget. Skulle gjerne bare sett meg rundt skikkelig, en siste gang. Dette er trist. Som om en god venn man aldri får se igjen.