fredag, mars 26, 2010

Hello, my name is Lola

Finally; here she is! Lola & I have already grown a close friendship. She teames up beautifully with my jeans making herself more of a tunic, and as you can see she is sort of a party girl too. The cozy kind of party, that is! Even though I am a bit more chubby than I like right now, I am sure that Lola will flatter a slightly less curvy version of me as well. The sketch below was drawn in my almanac in November, and I must say I am very happy with the accuracy between the sketch and the real life Lola :o)

Above: Lola relaxing in my friends coach. We both had such a good time with the girls last weekend, with superb home made pizza and excellent coffee at short intervals :o))

Todays title was inspired by one of my favourite creative fabric obsessed designer and blogger at Hello my name is Heather

Thank you Supernøtt for the beautiful handmade ceramic buttons! The xmas gift really came to good use :o)And thank you Marihøna for taking these photos!

2 kommentarer:

Moan sa...

Nå er jeg skikkelig impa!
Nesten så jeg har lyst til å kjøpe mønsteret av deg!

Ha en aldeles lekker påske!

Rippedoffknitter sa...

For en utrolig tøff og deilig kjole - den har jeg lyst til å strikke!!!