torsdag, mars 11, 2010

Wind me up - in style, please!

Lola is growing into a pretty darling - and I feel confident that the yarn shortage situation will actually turn into a blessing. The purple/plum skeins I got from To damer will add more interest to the garment, but not in a visually noisy or striking way, as the musty wine red of the original Misti bargain (...that I just recently realised was such a bargain because this specific shade would be discontinued...) combines well with it. Tonights knitting café will be the perfect place to let Lola grow further into her final shape :o) As you can see I am treating my super soft and beautiful new skeins of Miski (100 % Baby Llama!) well; as they start their journy towards balls of yarn on the back of my Scandia chair... this is a much cherished lounge chair for the actual knitting too, especially when strategically placed right in front of the telly ;o) PS: To damer has proven the concept of snail mail wrong - I recieved my yummy skeins 24 hours after ordering, and this was by ordinary mail service!

2 kommentarer:

Moan sa...

Nydelig farge på garnet, og bare NYDELIG stol! Lekker.. *sukker*

Anonym sa...

Skulle du likevel trenge litt av originalgarnet, lurer jeg på om det kanskje finnes litt igjen på

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