fredag, desember 30, 2011

Behind the scenes

The story of our christmas tree turned out to be longer and more complicated and exciting than expected. We DID have more trouble than usual getting the tree straight and steady into the stand, but did not suspect the tree to give up and litterally bend over in front of us after just a few days... The mint green nylon string came very handy as a mooring for the tree. In the top picture you can see how the tree has been tied to the book shelf pillar. Not very elegant, but the best option at the moment!
A serious christmas tree stand hunt began the next morning - and what a challenge! This was on December 21st so I was not exactely surprised that most shops were out of stands. I found the supposedly practical, but ugly, stand shown under. No way I was going from impractical but solid and traditional looking cast iron to practical but incredibly ugly and garden tool-looking plastic... so my hunt went on. And on...
...the tree unpatiently waited for its glorious future in a proper, beautiful AND practiacal christmas tree stand...
...more than ready to say goodbye to the sturdy but yet deceitful cast iron one.
And VOILA! After a thorough hunt I found this Design House Stockholm version that I have secretly wanted for years and years (secretly because I was a bit embarrassed to admit I was tempted to replace a (at the time) perfectly well working christmas tree stand just because I fancied this cool, expensive one more...) Well, I have always wondered what colour I would choose if I ever should be frivolous enogh to buy one. Red? Green? White? The decision turned out to be much easier than expected, and it was not even really a choice as this pretty thing was the very, very last in stock at Husfliden in Hamar. It was actually in use in the shops window display, and this is probably why it was easy for me to realise how perfect a red christmas tree stand would be. So after a couple of tough rounds of haggling over the (VERY high) price with the manager I could carry it home, concluding this was an investment for life and a happy ending for the tale of the christmas tree stand of 2011 :o)

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