fredag, desember 16, 2011

London calling, me answering :o)

This years trip to London was great shopping success despite the fact that I was absolutely not up for shopping and Oxford Street crowdfighting as I left for London. And then what happens...? Well... I ended up with loads of goodies for myself and also some x-mas-pressies. Most of it was done at the yarn shop at John Lewis, Oxford Street and at Spitafield Market. I savoured the athmosphere at the antique market in Islington and also had a longed for stop at The Loop in the same street (Camden Passage). I must admit that I was totally knackered from the buzz and the walking - and this exhaustion occured several times a day. The cure was simple: a stop at a friendly pub, watching people and spotting the occational hand knitted hat or scarf. Lifes simple pleasures and all that :o)

The yarn above is Rowans Fine Tweed, and the plan is to make a sweater for my self based on a pattern in the Nordic Tweed booklet shown further below. The quality of Rowan yarns costs but luckily the shop had a 10 % discount on all Rowan products that day. I also got two of the three Knitting on the edge/beyond the edge books at a very good price from the Waterstones, only missing the over the edge. The pretty tin box was a pre-x-mas gift from a dear friend, and the lid serves as a cute container for the balls of tweed (as the box itself contains various x-mas treats - yummy!)

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