søndag, februar 03, 2013

All dressed up and nowhere to go...?

This is a skirt I made during Christmas break - just in time for a 3 days New Years celebration arranged by some dear friends. The celebration involved cross country skiing (for some) and frisk walks in the beautiful snow-clad mountain landscape (for me), but also a cozy and relaxed New Years eve - and tons of good food and good fun! Even though we stayed in a traditional lodge in the mountains I thought a bit of glittery gold was apropriate for the last night of 2012.

The pattern is based on my favourite long skirt - I arranged the original skirt as flat as I could on a table and outlined one of the spirally panels on a sheet of pattern paper as best as I could. The fabric was a bargain at a 50 % closing down discount. The skirt is very wearable, and styled with a cool or casual top and a leather jacket it can be worn for work as well.

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