søndag, februar 10, 2013

New beginnings - springtime, I salute you!

Well, of course spring isn´t really here; it´s just me longing and yearning for it. Actually, if spring was here right now it would be a bad sign of nature going nuts - usually the first true signs - like blooming Coltfoots peeping through the melting snow - will appear some time during March. Sometimes during April. Today it´s snowing and the landscape around me is soft and white, and still I get this wonderful feeling of springtime coming closer. It is something about the quality of the light, and of course the increasing length of the day. Today sunset will be at 16:50. On January 1st the sun set at 15:13. So, there!

These are odd balls and scraps from my stash; all fingering weight alpaca, but different brands. I have been waiting to start this project for a while and now I can finally feel my good, old knitting mojo again, so here I go!

This will be a cardigan for myself, based on this Drops pattern.

I´ll go for the long sleeved version, and as usual I have already altered the pattern a bit by elongating the 2 x 2 rib hems on the body as well as the sleeves. Because of my unproprtional amount of different colours, I will start the multi coloured pattern right after the rib rather than bying new balls of yarn to make the quite large portion of "louse" pattern.

I think my random colours will make a vivid and fun cardie, perfect to wear facing the spring days to come :o)

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