fredag, februar 15, 2013

Cosy coat

Inspired by this pattern I decided to make myself a long, cosy coat for indoor use last winter. The pattern is designed by Karen Marie Vinje and is published in a book called "Strikk i en fei". The original yarn for the coat is Faerytale from Du store alpakka - two strands held together.

I used one strand of fingering weight alpaca (Du store alpakka) and one strand of Kidsilk from Drops. I joined the pieces together and trimmed the edges with the Kidsilk by crocheting. As you can see, I miscalculated the size of the jacket piece BIG TIME (pun intended...), but decided I would keep the excess and make it up as a wrap, or as a veru large lower collar if you like. I have worn this "personal blanket" quite a bit; even on the coldest winter days it is very warm!

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Supernøtt sa...

Så artig at du er i gang med blogging igjen! Og moro å se de forskjellige prosjektene dine ferdige og til og med avfotografert :-) Hurra!