torsdag, januar 03, 2008

Don´t you forget about me

Happy New Blog Year! I believe in New Years wishes more than resolutions, and my most blog-related wish is simple: time to blog and even more important: time to make stuff to blog about! I am surprised if people still stop by to read my news as they are so rare... Well, I did actually get a comment or two during my absence which I truly appreciate - thank you :o) This is a colourful scarf for Princess made of one skein of Inka on 8 mm meedles. A perfect tv-knit for a quiet Holiday afternoon, finished in just a few hours. The pattern is simple: Cast on 15 (or another uneven number of) stitches. 1. row: *k1, p1*. Repeat from * to * and knit last stitch 2. row: *p1, k1 in previous rows stitch*. Repeat from * to * and purl last stitch 3. row: Slip first stitch as if to knit, *p1, k1*. Repeat from * to * Repeat 2. and 3. row until desired length or until you run out of yarn. NB! Save a few inches of yarn to cast off! PS At 2 o´clock this morning I FINALLY finished the Hexagon Blanket. The next post will most probably contain photos, facts and statistics about this (almost) everlasting project, so stay tuned! I just need some daylight to take named photos.

3 kommentarer:

MagFly sa...

Godt nyttår!

Bim H-D sa...

Nej, men... oj... och hej... God fortsättning på det nya året dessutom!!!
Må så gott... värmländskan... kramis o nu väntas det mer här då dessutom hihihi... foton... :)

Supernøtt sa...

Takk for herlig lunsj i går :-) Nå holder jeg pusten og venter spent på bilde av århundrets teppe (forrige århundres teppe har du jo akkurat hengt opp i gangen din) :-D