torsdag, januar 24, 2008

Tougher than the rest!

The title of this post was not intended to describe myself, but as I actually recieved this award from Umulie, I guess it can apply for more than one subject ;o) Thank you very much, Umulie, I am honoured! Blogland is a wonderful land of opportunities and inspiration, fun and philosophy in so many different categories. I subscribe to 174 blog feeds at the moment, so I will have to leave out most of them when I forward the award... What is left is one single blog whose owner never fail to make my day, online or live :o)

Fairy Frida has got a big little pirate prince-brother, and of course he needed a cool hat too! The pattern is a mix of rib and stockinette panels. The hat is knitted partly in the round because og the single scull motif. Pattern: my own; scull more or less copied from "We call them Pirates". Yarn: 100% superwash wool. Needles: 3,5 mm

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Supernøtt sa...

Takk for tilliten! :-D

Piratprinsen kommer til å bli knalltøff i den nye lua si. Aye, aye captain!