onsdag, november 10, 2010

Ready for a revelation?

Lucky, lucky me! I met adorable Eline and her lovely parents last night. It has been a bit more than 12 years since I laid eyes on my own little precious Princess for the first time. I have hardly been able to take my eyes off her again, gazing at her amazing beauty ever since - and I totally understand, and (partly - must not forget that one owns child will always be the most perfect and beautiful ;o) ) agree with Elines parents when they claim HER the most beautiful creature in the world... And THIS is what was inside the wrapped up gift from last post - a cosy little hooded sleeping/travelling bag for baby Eline! It is based on the pattern "Nataschas kjørepose" from the book "Myk start" by May B. Langhelle, but I altered the yarn, the size, the needles and most importantly the hood, which was originally knitted directly onto the body in one piece. In my experience hoods can be a real view-blocker for the baby, and also too warm inside a car, and if you want to pull it down it will create a very uncomfortable bump in the neck. Cute pink and glittery mother of pearl buttons are used to attatch the hood to the body, and this hopefully makes the whole bag-thing more practical in use. Yarn: About 475 g of super soft "Easy" (1 ply 100 % merino wool) from Sandnes garn. Needles: 7 mm.

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Tea Kristin sa...

Tuuusen takk for den fine posen! :) Den kommer til å bli brukt masse i vinter - vi er glade i ull her i huset. Jeg falt forøvrig pladask for knappene - glitter er et av mine meget svake punkter, og disse knappene glitret så sjarmerende. :) Klem