torsdag, november 04, 2010

Secret blogging?!?

First of all; thank you for the nice comments on the baby blanket! Not much progress on that one since my last post I´m afraid - as the baby turns out not to be due until January some time I got the (deceiving) feeling that there is no rush... ;o) Blogging AND keeping the blogging material secret is a true contradiction (like eating the cake and have it, I would say) - so the blog has been neglected for a few weeks. Soon, my friends, soon at least one of the secrets can be revealed! Then there is the x-mas gifts preparations, involving one secret project after the other. I think this year, I will angle my camera towards other aspects of my aesthethic ways. Maybe I will start posting more glimpses from my domestic life, or include other kind of work than the yarn-based? Maybe even dig out some old graphic work? There will most certainly be some paper crafy preparations for this season too and not all of them have to be secret, I think. So look for new content around here - as for now enjoy the wonderful colours in this photo stolen from I can´t remember where (sorry, I am BAD!)

2 kommentarer:

Re-dizain sa...

Wow! vilken färgexplosion!!
Fin blogg du har!

mimouna sa...

Du er nok ikke alene om å være hemmelighetsfull på denne tiden av året nei. Aldri godt å vite hvem som leser bloggen, og da blir jo gavene avslørt.

Stilig stol, den var både fargerik og spesiell. En herlig fargeklatt!