lørdag, november 27, 2010

Waiting for the waiting

2-3 weeks ago I just could not wait any longer - I just HAD TO start the outdoor decorating, which I normally don´t do before December 1st. Maybe the reason for this is that I had a hard time accepting fall and winter darkness before. The latest few years I have grown more and more fond of these seasons, and it feels so nice to complement this feeling by doing a little bit of outdoor decorating. Together with the pretty lanterns and planters on a little marble table next to the entrance door it also serves as a nice welcome for visitors. The base for this rather chaotic arrangement is my clematis pyramide climbing rack. The "ornaments" are my collection of seed stands, cones and acorns from Spain, Tunisia, Greece and Norway. While I wait for Advent (which as you know means "the coming of Christ"), I keep on working on big and small projects, both indoors and out - some more secret than others ;o)

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