fredag, mars 17, 2006

KNIT IT and the beauty of casting on

First of all; take a look INSIDE Bagladys new photoalbums in the sidebar :o)
Then let´s KNIT IT on March 21.! Check out the link, cast on something white and join the performance! I am enjoying the beauty of casting on for a stole using stitch markers from Simly Knitting to keep track of the number of repeats. I am going to combine a beautiful stole pattern with the small repeat pattern I have shown you before. Eunnys Print O´the Wave is so beautiful! I am tempted to copy it but even more tempted to see how the small repeat pattern I´ve been waiting so patiently to try out works in a bigger piece. I know it will take even more patience to actually knit it than waiting to knit it... so wish me luck!

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Mette sa...

Kære Baglady. Jeg har skiftet hjem og min nye adresse er . Min blog på blogspot er helt i udu og har drillet flere gange. hilsen
Erlerperle Mette